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“My name is Brenda, I got my legs hair done through them in 2003. They did a great job on me. I sent my mother in to get her leg veins done two years ago. It was another fabulous job well done. They are very straightforward and honest and put everything on the paper to sign in front of you.”
“I am a retired teacher; I had skin problems for years and deal with dermatologists over that period. Used lots of different creams but it never seemed to be cured, but this clinic did it.” Bob M
“I and my daughter have the same birthmark on our cheeks, almost the same location, White Rock Laser removed them for us very nicely. We went to many clinics in Winnipeg in an attempt to have it removed, but none were able to work it out.” MS
“My name is Brittney, I have been a White Rock Laser client since 2007. As my mother told me: “If Damy can not help you, then nobody can”. That’s how I ended up going for my first appointment. My grandparents were also their clients for many years now. They are very hard working technicians and always do what they promise.”
“I am a veteran of the Second World War, they helped me greatly by treating rough age spots after the doctor no longer could. Damy is a very intelligent and hard working laser technician. It cost me a bit of money but it saved me from many years of cutting by the doctor.”
“For many years, I have placed eggplants on my age spots in attempts to make them disappear. To my avail, it never worked. I ended up coming here, to White Rock Laser, and finally had it treated and within two treatments, they were gone! And this is coming from a professor at UBC!”
“I am a retired CEO of HSBC have travelled abroad for years and tried to get rid of my rough, raised age spots many times but unfortunately was never able to find anything that could help me with my condition. Finally, I found White Rock Laser through their newspaper advertising. After three treatments, no more age spots. Great and friendly environment.”
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